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Jaime McCormick | Mindset Speaker

“As Long As You Have Breath, You Have Purpose”

Jaime is a dynamic speaker who uses real life experiences to engage, challenge and serve his audience. His diverse expertise in mindset transformation is sought after, making him an international coach with clients in America and beyond.
Jaime has been heard on I-heart radio as well as multiple pod-casts: Raw and Real, Fit World Live, Morning Gratitude, Bathrobe Moments, and Why Can’t You…, to name a few.
He is founder and creator of McCormick Motivation/Unleash The Winner.
Jaime is empowering, inspiring and an authority on overcoming adversity.

McCormick speaks on topics such as perception, power of forgiveness, cognitive restructuring and the power of words.
He uses personal stories and examples of how a simple change of thought can start to shape a new future. He engages the audience by conversing with them, and not at them… thereby prompting them to get involved within the discussion.
Also, He specializes in presentations that are clear, concise and easy to understand. He does not sell a “get rich quick” formula, inasmuch as he presents a raw and concise concept of how to achieve a full and rewarding life.

Speaking at

Quarter Life Church,

Ada, OK

“I am blown away by Jaime! I have had the chance to see him in action and see the impact he has on other people by just being a thoughtful listener yet when he speaks, the power of his choice of words leaves an everlasting impact. Jaime is a blessing to everyone who knows him and who has had the opportunity to work with him. I expect him to be a world changer and I look forward to watching him grow more into the leader God called him to be.”
Joshua T Berglan

CEO, Live Mana Worldwide and host of Morning Gratitude.

“Jaime McCormick delivers a powerful and compelling message which speaks to the power of positive mindset! McCormick’s journey through rebellion, the loss of a sibling, his battle with drugs and alcohol, and much more…is raw and authentic and will leave any audience as it left me; in deep thought regarding the beauty within every journey!” Two thumbs up for Jaime McCormick!!
Loren Michaels Harris

Author, Message Discovery Coach, Foster Care Advocate

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